Social Media Strategies for Business Owners

Three social media tips for building a social media strategy for Business Owners

By Angela Cammaert

As a business owner, you can spend hours staying on top of the latest social media marketing trends and tips. It can become a full-time job managing multiple accounts, paying attention to comments, DM’s, scheduling and posting content on top of all the other tasks you have to complete to run your successful business.  

We all know you don’t have hours to dedicate to social media; here are a few quick tips to get started on a social media strategy.

Start with a content plan

Posting is the easy part! We all know how to throw something up on social media about what is happening in our life.

Before you hit post, take a step back and establish a social media marketing strategy. The same way you did when you set up your business plan. Without a plan, how do you know that your social media goals align with your business objectives?

Which social media platforms to use?

The next step is to understand which platforms your business should be using. Sure we want to be on every platform; let’s be realistic time is money; your target audience is not on every platform.  

Facebook is no longer the place for Gen Z, and LinkedIn might not be the ideal spot to sell your fabulous hair bows. If you are selling to Baby Boomers, then Facebook is your platform.   Conduct research on which social media platform is right for your business; this will help you understand where your audience spends the most time.

Know your audience

Lastly, you need to know your target audience. So who is the specific group that wants to buy your wooden plant stands or hand-crafted barbeque sauce? Establish their common characteristics like demographics and behaviours. 

Compile data on your existing customers for your social media audience like age, location, time zone, language, and common interest. Social media analytics will provide much of this information.

Social media marketing can play an essential part in your business’s success. If you stay consistent, posting high-quality content, you will not need to spend hours figuring out what to post with the right plan in place.  

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