Ways a Virtual Assistant can support your business

Ways a Virtual Assistant can support your business.

By Angela Cammaert

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Whether you’re a top-level Executive or a Sole Proprietor when running your business, there is never enough time to complete everything.

When I started AFC in 2016, the term Virtual Assistant wasn’t something many people had ever heard of; I often got ‘you’re a what? My short answer was often, “I’m a freelancer who offers admin and marketing support.”

Today the term Virtual Assistant has become familiar with the work-at-home movement. There are many advantages to hiring a VA; the team at AFC comes with many of the skills a C-level Administrative Assistant or Office manager would offer without the six-figure salary attached. We don’t come with the requirement for sick days, health insurance or benefits; get the picture?

Setting all those facts aside, the most considerable benefit of a Virtual Assistant is that we reduce your workload! Our job is to give you more time and energy to focus on essential activities that help you grow your business. We can take over those tasks you are not good at and struggle to manage.  

Calendar and Email Management

We manage personal and shared calendars, avoid double bookings, send confirmation emails and meeting reminders, whether it’s over Zoom or a phone call. Don’t use calendar software? We handle the back and forth with someone when trying to set up meetings; you can focus on other tasks the are more high level.  

Cloud-based software such as Google Workspace and Office 365 makes managing multiple calendars simple and easy.

Documents, Reports and Proofreading

If putting together professional reports about key performance indicators (KPI’s) and tracking progress brings you to tears, let our team of skilled VA’s format that data into an easy to presentation for your team. We create straightforward business correspondence to the most professional slide shows with engaging data. We all know that a second set of eyes is better than one, and having someone else read over documents avoids grammar blunders.  

Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant frees you to focus on specific areas of your business. We take over lead generation, social media management, copywriting, blog management, website design, SEO aspects of your business. We keep up to date with the current trends in marketing to help bring in growth and engagement.

Research and competitor analysis

.A virtual assistant can help you stay updated on industry trends and conduct competitor analysis. They can research keywords, analyze competitors’ websites and marketing strategies, and provide recommendations for improving your own digital marketing efforts.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to scale your business without straining cash flow. Every virtual assistant will have a different skill set; when you hire a Virtual Assistant with the right skills, you’re essentially investing in a full-time resource with a quarter of the cost.


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