About Angela Cammaert

Small Business Marketing and Tech-VA Support

Do you need a reliable partner to tackle those marketing, tech, and administrative support-related jobs?

Creating a culture within a startup that can scale as the business grows is essential for fostering a positive atmosphere. This involves developing core values which should be shaped by the company’s identity, considering its mission statement, products and customer service.

Having a solid marketing plan is essential for any small business. With it, brand awareness and sales would improve. To ensure your small business has the best visibility, resources and opportunities possible, you should create a comprehensive strategy that outlines specific goals and tactics needed to achieve success.

Angela Cammaert of AFC Business Services in West Lorne is here to help. With twenty-eight years of experience in all things sales, marketing and agriculture, she’s the perfect person for the job.

Crafting a successful marketing plan requires careful consideration of a variety of elements, ranging from project management to website design. She can provide the assistance you need in all of these areas to help ensure that your marketing plan reaches its full potential.

From setting up sales funnels and landing pages to one-on-one coaching and business support services, she can provide the support you need to make your marketing plans as effective as possible.

When you don’t have a big budget, marketing can be challenging; there’s plenty a small business owner can do to attract and maintain a customer base. With her affinity for all things tech-related, her keen ability to work on budget and her dedication to quality service – she will be sure to find the intricacies of your marketing needs.

Contact her today to discuss how AFC Business Services can assist you with optimizing your business marketing goals.


Proudly to provide professional marketing services to my clients. 

”  My team loves working with Angela. She is professional, friendly, supportive, easy to work with and consistently keeps us updated through email. We live a distance away so I like that she is readily available by phone if we need to speak and she always responds to emails within 24 hours. “

Sara Westbrook

“I hired Angela to help me manage multiple companies’ marketing, social media and websites.  She works for me on an ongoing basis and I can’t say enough great things about her! She is very reliable and does a great job. She goes above and beyond without being asked and I don’t have to worry about something getting done if I’ve assigned it to her.”   

Charlie Chase

Social Media Management, SEO Audits and Brand Growth Support