Ways a Virtual Assistant can support your business

Ways a Virtual Assistant can support your business Simple ways a Virtual Assistant can support aspects of your business. By Angela Cammaert Whether you’re a top-level Executive or a Sole Proprietor when running your business, there is never enough time to complete everything. When I started AFC in 2016, the term Virtual Assistant wasn’t something […]

Social media strategies for Business Owners

Social Media Strategies for Business Owners Three social media tips for building a social media strategy for Business Owners By Angela Cammaert As a business owner, you can spend hours staying on top of the latest social media marketing trends and tips. It can become a full-time job managing multiple accounts, paying attention to comments, […]

The importance of keyword density and keyword researc

The importance of keyword density and keyword research By Angela Cammaert The importance of keyword density and keyword research SEO has changed dramatically over the past few years; Google demands a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy focused on every aspect of your website. When someone performs a search, search engines scour their index for highly […]

What lead generating process are you using?

What lead generating process are you using? By Angela Cammaert Lead generation/Google Ad Words/Paid Traffic Lead generation typically starts when a web visitor clicks on a call-to-action (CTA) located on one of your site pages or posts. While organic traffic is invaluable, it’s not the only means of attracting visitors to your site. Relying solely […]

Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners Marketing for Beginners So here you are, the proud owner of your very own business ready to hit the ground running. You have the talent, you’ve gathered the resources, and now you just need the customers. How do you find them….or an even better question…how do they find you? […]

How are you building your social presence online?

Newsflash, Facebook has changed its algorithm again. I know…. shocking right? Really it’s great that the organizers of the site are continually updating it’s programming because it keeps the site relevant. There is a reason why over 2 Billion users still choose this media platform. The most current change gives preferential placement to posts from […]

A Picture is Worth a Thoursand Words on Instagram

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Instagram This month I would like to discuss Instagram. IG is the not so new but ever so popular kid on the block that is getting all the love and attention from the girl next door.  Instagram has become wildly popular with the 18-29 crowd but with up to 500 million daily…that’s right DAILY users…there […]

Why Free Websites Hurt Your Business

First Impresssion We all know that first impressions are vital in business. We know to shake hands, smile politely and present ourselves with articulation. The same goes for your website – it plays a significant role in supporting your business. Your site is a digital introduction for prospective clients, and should prompt them to look […]

How to identify your target audicence

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Target Audience When sitting down to set up a marketing plan establishing who is your target audience must be part of the core foundation of any strategy.  Even if your product appeals to a broad range of prospective customers, it does not make sense to market to everyone. So, what is a target market?  To […]

What happened to Customer Service Leadership?


In the past ten years I have watch levels of acceptable customer service drop from mediocre to none existent.  Many people blame it on a particular generation, lack of true leadership and others see it as just another example of the decline of civilization.  I disagree with the generational explanation as it is up to […]