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Administrative Assistant & Marketing Support

Our Services

AFC Business Services brings big-business infrastructure to all companies regardless of size or industry. We get to know you and your business so we can provide top-notch assistance.

Virtual Assistant

Whether you need help with managing emails, contacting to prospective clients, scheduling appointments, developing professional business documents or something else entirely, a virtual administrative assistant is an indispensable resource for business growth.

Content Marketing

Growing your followers using social media marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimization will help you increase word of mouth and referrals. Our content marketing services will help you increase your followers with like minded people. We will ensure that your followers match your ideal demographics, interests, and behaviors of a typical customers.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing specialists will design email newsletters that reflect your business. We use best-practices for email deliverability, open rates, click-through-rates, conversions and setting up autoresponders.
The content within your emails may include relevant blogs, case studies, upcoming events, and more.

Chat Support

An online chat system provides customers immediate access to customer service. Live chat on websites generally lead to improved sales numbers. Live chat provides immediate access to customers’ pain points. When customers use live chat, they’ll try to ensure that a product will perform as advertised or that a promotion will provide the discount they want.

Customer Service

There are countless businesses offering good products or services, but there are fewer that provide their clients or customers with individualized, attentive service. Your virtual assistant will answer query emails and other correspondence with the warm and personal touch that reassures clients that their business is important and valued.

Website Maintenance & Design

Every business should have a website, even if your business is small and sells a product you don't think people will look online for, your wrong! We'll design a professional WordPress site and the provide maintenances packages keeping your website backed up, free from viruses, security scans and database optimization to reduce errors. Looking for insite on website performance, well give you that too. Increase your brand credibility get in front of your ideal customers.

What can AFC Business Services do for you?

 Email Management & Filtering

 Project Management & Event Planning

 Website design & Maintenance

 Customer Relationship Management

Blog posts & marketing content

Competition analysis

 Developing proposals, RFPS, correspondence, reports & spreadsheets

 Managing social media accounts, brand follower interactions and commenting

 Database building including CRM development 

 Autoresponder and chat bot support 

Consulting & Training

Training & Coaching

We offer customised marketing training for your small business, working to implement the right strategies and showing you how to execute them consistently so your business stands out. We provide guidance and support to prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed when it comes to inbound marketing, sales staff training on social media and building your online presence.  

Administrative Consulting

Are your Administrative functions in disarray, do you need a cluttered project straightened out? We offer guidance on proper administrative duties and project management while considering your core business goals to help you reach the next level of success. We have business owners who are looking for avant-garde support solutions for generating more profits.

Don't overload yourself, know when to ask for help!