Time to delegate

Virtual Assistant

The main focus of our role is to support the CEO, the team, and act as the backing you need. Our role is never the same with any company. Delegate specific tasks or full administrative functions to one of our Virtual Assistants.  We work to alleviate those time-consuming tasks giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most to maximize your productivity.

When you partner with AFC Business Services feel confident that you have the flexibility to keep things running smoothly.


Examples of the most commonly provided services.

We handle data entry and processing without interrupting your workday. We handle Accounts payable Accounts receivable, monthly invoicing, monthly data entry, expense reports and reconciliation using programs such as QuickBooks, Wave and Excel. 

We work one-on-one as your your personal support for tasks including scheduling, travel arrangements, project research, typing, corrspondence, report and presentation creation, meeting management and more. We are the extra set of hands you need to Manage your office.

As your Social media assistant we assist in the with updating content. Create banners, images, promotions for display for pages or ads. Investigate, evaluate and assess new ways of generating additional traffic and orders. Publish products and assets to brands social media channels.  

As your marketing support, we work to reduce administrative with marketing strategies. We can examine various factors for potential marketing campaigns and coordinate existing campaigns by filtering relevant information to avoid speculating.

As your website assistant we offer WordPress content updates, plugin updates, blog posting, eCommerce support, search engine optimization, troubleshooting, WordPress, website design and redesign using common design software.  We also provide assistance for other builder programs including Square, Wix and Shopify.

Ever look at your email inbox at the end of the day and wonder how it could have gotten so large? We help you organization and management of your inbox. We follow-up on vital leads and calendar management keeping you in the loop.

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